João de Borba Neto
OAB/SC 5017

International Trade

In recent years, the international order has been deeply shaken by developed countries’ policies in regard to how they deal with each other. Those changes have an impact on the international market. Thus, nowadays, it is more than ever important to have an expert following the transactions traders perform in the world.

Our law firm deals with trade defense investigations such as anti-dumping, subsidy and safeguards for domestic and foreign companies.

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In a globalized world where nations trade goods and services, it became easier for a foreigner to legally work in Brazil. We are experienced in submitting work visa requests before the competent authority. Also, we submit visa requests for foreigners who wish to invest in our country. For those who are already living in Brazil for a couple of years and fulfill the legal requirements, it is possible to file for a naturalization application.


The Judiciary in Brazil frequently takes years to solve a lawsuit. With that into consideration, before filing a lawsuit it is necessary to plan the whole process, in a moment where proofs can still be further produced. Following a strategy helps to increase the chances of success. However, sometimes it is not possible to plan a lawsuit in advance, like in cases that urgent measures are needed. Our work in the Judiciary is mainly focused in Civil, Consumer, Corporate, Contract, Damages, Banking and Tax Law.



Recently, Brazil has gone through a legislative reform concerning its Labor Law. Hence, the necessity for companies to adapt to new rules is urgent and it demands lawyers who have solid knowledge in the matter. In this area we have decades of experience dealing not only with lawsuits, but acting in their previous period to ensure the best deals.


Companies that import or export goods and services in the international market, must comply with the legal norms that form the system. Customs laws in Brazil are rather complicated and an expert in these matters is essential to avoid administrative sanctions. Our lawyers are post-graduate in Customs Law.


International Trade Agreements

Commonly, international business relations are made in a rather informal way, without the parties signing an agreement. Notwithstanding, it is when eventually a party does not comply with the business terms verbally agreed, that the other seeks its rights.

Companies that are protected by an agreement rarely suffer a loss in their trade operations. In this area, we focus on the negotiations from the beginning, i.e., before the parties signing the agreement, for its terms to reflect exactly what was negotiated.

Mr. de Borba Neto has already lectured this discipline at the Faculty of Law at UniSOCIES Blumenau.



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